Acid-Resistant Vegetable Capsule

FDA DMF No. 030931

Protecting acid-sensitive ingredients from gastric acid can be a challenge nowadays for most of the Dietary Supplement Industry. BioVXR Acid Resistant capsules with HPMC base, provides an alternative solution. DFC has developed a new capsule that has the unique capability of acid-resistance in low pH media, but dissolves in a neutral pH environment. This important feature has proven an alternative for enteric coated capsules and has become an excellent choice for Probiotic and Enzyme formulation Products.
  • With the general advantages of HPMC capsules.
  • Characteristics of acid resistant and delayed release in intestinal tract are great for acid-vulnerable ingredients.
  • Without using chemical solvents can reduce destruction of ingredients during production.
  • Shorten the new product development process and verification, new product can be launched to market in shorter period of time.
  • Made in Taiwan, providing technical advice and support immediately.
  • Patents protected in the United States and Taiwan market.