Capsule are package materials for the pharmaceutical and health food which can protect their contents. Empty capsules must be properly stored in a good temperature and humidity environment before filling process to ensure the quality.

Storage Condition

 Temperature: 15~25℃

 Relative Humidity: 35~65%

Storage Suggestion

 Direct sunlight should be avoided.

 Keep away from water or high humidity environment; store in a cool and dry place. 

 Remainder capsules should be tightly sealed within an aluminum foil bag to avoid further change in quality.

Shelf Life 

Under recommended storage condition, both of our gelatin and vegetable capsules will maintain their quality for 5 years from the manufacture date. We have confirmed this result from our stability tests.

The Capsule Filling Capacity table is shown as above.  Size#00EL is our largest capsule and its filling capacity is 1.04ml.  Size#4 is our smallest capsule and its filling capacity is 0.21ml.  The filling capacity for different size of capsules is depends on the density of capsule contents.  When the density is bigger and the powder is finer, the filling capacity is larger.  When the density is smaller and the powder is bigger, filling capacity is smaller.

The most popular size in Taiwan is #0, for example, if the specific gravity is 1g/cc, the filling capacity is 680mg.  If the specific gravity is 0.8g/cc, the filling capacity is 544mg.  Best filling capacity requires suitable capsule size in order to perform smoothly during filling process.
If filling too much powder, it will let capsule become un-locked situation and content leakage.  Normally, many health foods contain compound powders, so their particles have different sizes.  Therefore, choosing specific gravity at 0.8g/cc as a filling capacity standard is much safer. 

  • Packaging Method

Capsules are packaged in a moisture-proof and heat-insulating aluminum foil bag and then placed in a sturdy and insulated carton.
Carton Dimension: 59x39x73 (cm) 
Empty Carton: 2.5 kgs
Empty Pallet: 7 kgs 

Size Q'ty (pcs)
  #00EL      65,000
  #00      70,000
  #0    100,000
  #1    125,000
  #2    175,000
  #3    225,000
  #4    300,000


  • Loading Method

Both of 20'and 40' reefer containers are available.

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